Small Business: Growing Your Business

 Growth  in a  business  is essential. How much  growth , depends on your vision for your  business …. Many  business  owners often confuse  growth  with expansion. Expansion is moving into new product lines, new services and new areas.  Growth  is increasing your capacity to continue with the products and services you have.  Growth  may require expansion, but […]

Evaluate Your Top Home Business Ideas

Decades of  home  based  business  experience led to the following filter you can use to evaluate top  home   business   ideas . It is based on failures and success… the school of hard knocks. You need to be able to answer “yes” to each one of the filtering questions. If you can… then you have found a […]

Small Business Internet Marketing Principles For Rapid Growth

If you are a  small   business  owner trying to carve a spot within your target market on the online world, then you are probably competing with some big fish competitors as well. Therefore, you need to find ways for your  small   business  to stick out in order to survive in your market. You also need […]

Top 10 at Home Computer Business Ideas

Though  home  computer  businesses  were always popular, since the economy has taken a turn for the worst, this form of alternative income has become a central focus for many individuals and families who are trying to make ends meet under less-than-perfect circumstances. Why? Because  home   businesses  run from your personal computer are a fantastic way […]

Business Growth

Business Growth is critical in today’s economy. It is important that you grow your business through customer acquisition strategies. Of course, as we all know, it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current customer. Therefore, customer retention strategies are important as well, which we will touch on […]