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3 Good And Solid Internet Home Business Ideas

When it comes to making money online from home, there are a few things that one can get themselves involved in. In this article today, I would like to get into 3 of the best and most solid internet  home   business   ideas  that are out there online.

1. Selling other people’s products online

Yes, this is a very very common way to earn money online. Selling other people’s products that are already created by these people. These products can be both physical and digital. This kind of an internet business is called affiliate program. I am sure that you heard about it before and you will read a whole lot more about it in the future.

This is one of the best ways to earn money because the internet is an information highway. People come online everyday and search for a solution to their problems. They can find it for free and they can also find it for a fee.

The good thing about this internet  home   business   idea  is that you don’t have to create your own product. You can actually find products on a website like ClickBank.com that have thousands upon thousands of digital products to sell on the Internet to make money from. These products are already ready made for you to sell for a commission.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing has been around the internet since it started back in the late 90’s. Companies rather spend their time and effort building a list of email customers rather then building a list of customers and get their physical home address.

Imagine if a company has a list of 10,000 people and their home address. The cost of postage, delivery, and envelopes would be enormous if they wanted to send that list their product info. Not to mention the time it would take them to put this all together.

Now let’s take a look at the same company that has a list of 10,000 name and email addresses of people who asked to be on that list. The company would only need to write up the email and send the same one to all of its 10,000 members or subscribers. This is way faster and more cost effective. Plus, they can get their message across to all of these people in a push of ONE button.

3. Residual Income Through Network Marketing

Most people know that in network marketing, in order to make money, you will need to talk to everyone you know and try to convince them to join you.

In the internet based network marketing world, things happen in the opposite way. People come to you looking for an opportunity. Why? Because you can advertise your site and when a person searches for a network marketing business opportunity, there is a good chance that they will come across your site.

For that particular reason I feel that network marketing and creating a residual income is a good and solid internet  home   business   idea . Two network marketing opportunities that I earn residual income from are MyWorldPlus and SFI.


These are what I believe are 3 Good And Solid Internet  Home   Business   Ideas  that you can get involved in. You can do all 3 or your can do 1 and still make a nice income online.

The beautiful thing about an Internet business is that it allows you to make as much money as you want from home and develop more than one income stream. It’s called multiple streams of internet income.

Proven Home Business Ideas & Strategies

One day you will see something that is a better  idea  than anything you have seen before. If this happens to you like it did to me you will just know that you have to try this  idea  and see how far you can go with it. What is important however is that you see this new  idea  as an Opportunity to achieve a good and lasting result.

You must put it into your head that this new  idea  gives you a great opportunity to prove to yourself that you can achieve results that you choose. You pick a target result and a date to achieve it.

Then you need to look at what has to be done to reach your first target. If a High Achiever sets out daily tasks to complete you can follow his plan for your first month with something to achieve each day. You may succeed where others tend to fail because you are offered the tools, training and ongoing support so vital to succeeding in today’s competitive business environment. This will help you reach your target. Some of these tasks may be quite unexpected but because they are in the plan of a High Achiever it is best to learn from a master and follow his plan.

You may come to realise that Online Marketing is about building a list and nothing else. It is not about products, or selling or anything else you may consider to be important. Without a list of quality prospects you will have no one to send your offers to and you will have no after sales.

Included in the action plan you will be shown reliable forms of free traffic generation, all tested, tried and true.These strategies will help you generate thousands more visitors each month than you could before. Don’t forget these are all free methods with zero out of pocket costs. Just follow the directions carefully and put in the effort needed. The results will flow from your effort naturally.

It helps to know that others before you have completed similar daily tasks. When you can see that others before you have achieved success then all you have to do is follow the pattern and you can also be certain of success.

If you find a package with everything you need for a successful  home   business  under one roof including your own site, your own ezine, your own autoresponder, ad tracker, a proven mentoring program and tons of support and real products that people want, then you must go for it.

This surely is a better  idea  than anything you have seen before and you will go for it, like me.

Brainstorming For Home Business Ideas

All right! You have decided to start a  home   business . Good for you! A well-conceived and well-planned  home   business  can provide you with much more financial freedom, in fact, much more freedom in general. Soon you will be able to say that you work from home and to be proud of it. You’re going to love working from home, so I’m very glad that you have decided to get started. Now you have one really BIG question. How in the world do I get started? One of the first and best steps you can take to generate  home   business   ideas  is to engage in the exercise of brainstorming for  home   business   ideas .

Maybe you already have an  idea  for a  home   business , but you might be struggling with the details. Or, perhaps you only know that you want to have a  home   business , but you have no  idea  of what kind of  business  or how to go about starting one. Either way the exercise can be a really useful and productive way to get some  ideas  about how you can start. Here are some guidelines to follow while you are brainstorming for  home   business   ideas .


Let’s get started. You need two primary things to get started. First, set aside lots of room to display your  ideas  as you generate them. Second, provide a very visible way to write your  ideas  down. I suggest a large pad of drawing paper, the kind that is used for flip charts in meetings or for children to draw on in primary school. You want something big so when you spread all you  ideas  around the room you will still be able to read them.

Whatever you do to collect your  ideas  as they are generated, whether you are typing them on the computer, writing them on paper, or scribbling them on white dry erase boards, the point is that you have to be able to write down things in order to make decisions. Whatever you do, don’t try to do this all in your head.


There is a reason it is called a brainSTORM. Storms are not controlled. They happen, usually in a rush of wind and water. You’re going to let your brain create a storm of  ideas . Nobody in a storm says, “Oh, wait! That drop of rain, or that lightning strike was not good right then or right there.” In the same way, when you are in the midst of a brainstorm, you MUST let  ideas  come out in a rush of brilliant lightning flash thoughts or half-baked, tiny raindrop  ideas . Make no judgments about any  idea . Let every  idea  come out and record it.


First, look at the things you have done in your life and especially at the things have made you the most happy or satisfied. Make a list of the things that you do that you enjoy. Write them down! If you’re going to have a  home   business , you want to figure out a way to be happy with what you are doing. You want to be able to do something that you enjoy. A major reason to work from home is to take your own destiny into your own hands, so make your  home   business  something that you enjoy doing each and every day.

  • Write down the things you have done in your life and especially at the things have made you the most happy or satisfied
  • Write down things that you are good at.
  • Write down what your skills are.
  • Are they are planning or organizing?
  • Are they writing or interpreting?
  • What sets you apart from the other people out there?
  • Of what are you most proud about yourself?

After you have written you  ideas  down, a pattern in your thoughts will begin to emerge. That’s the real power of brainstorming.

Now you can use the  ideas  you have recorded during your brainstorming for  home   business   ideas  to decide which of them are useful and decide how to proceed from there.

3 Incredible Home Business Ideas

Thinking about starting a business of your own or may be a  home   business  of your own? It is a really good  idea . This write up will touch upon three different  home   business   ideas  that might not have even crossed your mind.

Many people have started working at home and they find  home   business  as a very easy way to do it.  Home   business  is not a new  idea  all by itself. But the ease with which it is done is what is mind-boggling. Setting up a business at home might be quite easy, but making profits out of it might just not be that easy.

Many things are to be taken into consideration before you get started with a  home   business  of your own. Like what kind of business to run, this is the most important factor to consider because it is on this that your success depends.

There are many  ideas  that the internet provides in order to start a  home   business . Given below are a few ways through which you can start a  home   business  that does not need the internet.

1. Selling Stuff on Craig’s List: This is an alternative to eBay and is really unique. You could actually buy some good stuff from flea markets and garage sales (at really cheap prices) and in turn sell them on Craig’s list. Here it is free to advertise and local markets can be created by you for the goods you want to sell, it could be anything from cars to furniture and sporting goods to Nintendo games.

Craig’s list also offers you with bargains. Here if you can do some real good marketing then you are sure at least to sell a few goods at a comparatively higher price. And suppose some of your products don’t get sold then you could have your own garage sales. But the main thing you need to remember is that you always need to know what you paid for an object and also that you need to be selling it for a slightly higher price.

2. Starting A Day Care Center: Another great way to earn money staying at home is by starting a Day Care Business. You could actually save money that you would spend on your kids for day care and at the same time earn money by looking after other kids. But if you would have to start a day care business outside the vicinity of your home then you would need to get a license from the government to operate. This could be quite a rewarding business and offers great help to mothers who have got to go to work everyday and who are not as lucky as you.

3. Pet Walking and Sitting: For many people their job requires them to travel, while some people go on vacations. But it is not possible for them to take their pets along. And if you like pets then this is your golden opportunity for you to earn some money. All you will need to do is stop by feed the pet, play with it and take it for walks and see that it is o.k. Most people don’t like to send their pets to a kennel and they are more than willing to pay you good money so that their pet is well taken care of.

To such people pets are part of their family and your service will relieve them of a big burden when they are out on trips.

These are just three  ideas  for  home   business . You might be coming out with  ideas  of your own now. Trust me starting a  home   business  could be fun and a great way to earn money if only you love the job you are doing.

Home Based Business Ideas For Today

Today I would like to talk about home based business ideas. But first, let’s go over a few things. Running your own home based business can mean many different things. Some people run regular ‘brick and mortar’ type businesses out of their home, such as a doctor’s office, real estate office, laboratory, regular business office (just in a house), etc. Others run home based businesses from their personal computers and that is what this article is about.

Owning a money generating website has been around for quite a long time, but has become MUCH more popular in the last few years and now it seems like everyone makes money online somehow. People earn ad revenue from their blogs, promote products as an affiliate marketer, take paid surveys online, read emails for money, offer freelance services and more.

Right now is the best possible time to get involved with your own home based business or start one from scratch. Why? Because the economy is suffering on the local level and overhead is way too expensive for regular business that have to pay rent, utility bills and more. Why do you think people do most of their shopping and bill paying online nowadays? Gas prices are soaring and people enjoy the convenience of having everything at their fingertips right when they want it. With the new iPhone that came out, millions more people now have internet access so before the market gets too over crowded with marketers like you and I, we need to get rolling with our business efforts!

Home based business ideas – The best, most effective things to do right now for home business are:

-Affiliate marketing

-Blogging and earning ad revenue

-Buying and ‘flipping’ website names (.com’s)

-Starting your own money making website

-Offering your own freelance services (writing, web design, graphics, survey taking, etc.)

I hope this article has giving you some home based business ideas. And hopefully I have inspired you to get on the ball with your money making endeavors. The competition is getting more fierce each and every day.Just remember that before you start any business from home,you need to stay within your budget and look for as many free tools as possible to assist you. And this will give you a greater chance of your business being a success.

Profitable Home Business Ideas

 Home   business   ideas  have widely come in the market as a result of recent economic recession and huge unemployment. People prefer to start their own  home  based  business  and make profit. There are plenty of  home  based  business   ideas  available in the market and you have to choose the one which suits you and enables to earn handsome revenue.

Your talent is the key

Your talent is responsible while choosing the right one among a number of  home   business   ideas . If you feel enjoyment in doing a particular work, do it passionately and things will surely move in positive direction. On the contrary, if you don’t feel the zeal, the result will be unconstructive.

Talent and liking are the two key factors to choose the  home   business   idea  that you are going to follow. Your knowledge when combined with passion yields the best result. You are the judge to take the decision from thousands of alternatives.

Use your practical experience

You will find several  home   business   ideas  on the web. Some of them are really profitable while others are absolutely disgusting. So you have to do some exercises before choosing the right alternative.

You will get a number of schemes that you can engage in to start your  home   business . One of the most important among them is the coaching line. The possibility of success depends largely on your knowledge and skill in the particular sector.

Some money-making  home   business   ideas 

Some of the most effective and profitable  business   ideas  are provide below-

Website developer: It may sound a complicated one, but if you have the potential to create a website, you can earn a huge amount. First you have to decide in which niche you want to work and then you have to go through extensive research.

Event planner: Event planning and management is one of the most popular  home   business   ideas  nowadays. If you love parties and have an ability to pay attention to each and every detail, event planning can be the alternative for you. People frequently require commemorating birthday parties, anniversaries, wedding ceremonies and baby showers. Before start this job, you should browse through the sites which offer professional tips on how to develop your event planning business.

eBay seller: Online auction selling is on great demand at present. Event stay at home moms can earn millions of dollars by selling various types of products online.

Professional speaker: If you think that you are proficient in your field, this job can be the best alternative for you. You can think about yourself becoming a keynote speaker on different forums or seminars. Your job is to instruct people on diverse topics ranging from business taxation to training for regular tests. If you are confident, go and bank on it.

Daycare facility provider: Well-established day-care facilities have often become too luxurious for parents. If you love kids, you can start a daycare of your own. No specific training is required to start this work from  home   business .

3 Lists of Free Home Business Ideas

Most people have little or no start up capital to invest in a  home  based  business . Below I have compiled a few lists of free  home   business   ideas  for those short of money. However, like we all know, the more money you have to invest in a business the more income you can make.

1. Online Paid Survey – There are lots of free paid survey that you can join and start taking surveys. This can be time consuming because you need to sign up with as many surveys as you can so that you will not be out of survey to partake in. You can search Google with “free paid surveys” and searching all the major search engines.

2. Affiliate programs – is about selling other peoples product for a certain amount of commission. There are numerous free affiliate programs online for a variety of niche. Find a niche that you are interested and make your choice of affiliate program.

3. Blog – Blogging provides you a platform to say what ever you want to say. To earn money from blog simply sign up for a Google ad sense account and insert the code into your blog. Google will then show ads on your blog and pay you whenever some one clicks on these ads. Your job is to write and post an article to your blog so that visitors can view your blog. Enterprising people use the blog to promote product from free affiliate programs they belong and thereby earning a multiple stream of income.

When looking for a  home  based  business , the above 3 lists of free  home   business   ideas  are a good place to begin.

Work at a Home Based Business – Home Business Ideas

Its ideal – who doesn’t want to set their own hours and be their own boss? You simply need to find your niche, what your interests and then come up with some relevant home business plans that you can make work for you.

The most successful at home business ideas are based on an individual’s’ hobbies or interests, and today you can find a pre packaged business opportunity in almost any area that will change your life.

You have to do research and learn about a particular business within the industry if you have no idea what the field is even about. What you need to do is look for a home business that will revolve around your personality and life style and go from there.

If you have a background in graphic arts – consider becoming a freelance artist. You may have to get some equipment but it could be a wonderful business allowing you to be creative and provide a value to your customers. However, it is a very competitive industry, so be prepared to learn marketing to be competitive within your area.

There are numerous other business ideas that could work for you. Take the time to do research to find a match that resonates with your soul. They say when you find something that you love to do, you will never have to work again!

Often your hobbies can easily lead to some wonderful profitable business ideas, such as, baking. Do you love to bake desserts or make cakes? Why not try your hand at making and decorating birthday or wedding cakes?

The reality is – in order to come up with some profitable and successful work at home business ideas, be prepared to do some research. What do like to do? What have you been told by others that you’re good at? Use these thoughts to discover the best at home business for you.

The 3 Growth Stages of Your Business

Last week we spoke about the 3 Types of Entrepreneurial Overwhelm and I promised that we’d discuss the “3 Stages of Business” and how to know where you are and what to do.

The 3 Stages of Business:

  1. Foundation and Get Clients: Your focus is to generate revenue and get clients while you’re building the visibility and credibility foundation of your business.
  2. Add Leverage: Now that you have several clients, it’s time to build in some leverage so you’re not doing everything all the time.
  3. Increase Profits: You have a pipeline of clients, you’ve incorporated some leverage into your business and now your focus is on increasing profits and truly making your business hum.

Sounds simple, right?

The issue is that so many business owners jump to Stage 2 or 3 without either building a Foundation or Getting Clients.

How many colleagues do you know who “want a membership program” and try launching one when their last several programs didn’t fill or they announce a product and have very few sales?

My guess is “too many” and it’s because they ignore the Foundation and 1stStage of their business.

What often happens is that Stage 1 business owners want to achieve success quickly – become profitable, earn 6 figures, host a high level program or offer high level consulting services, all when no one knows who they are or whether they’re even going to stay around.

Stage 1 business owners are often easily seduced by those who cater to opportunity seekers – simply because you’re so anxious to generate revenue. As a result, you end up in debt with very little to show for it.

A Stage 1 business owner is defined as someone who needs clients. Period.

If you’re wondering, or worried, about where your next client (or mortgage payment) is coming from, you’re currently in Stage 1.

My Request to You:

As a Stage 1 business owner whose primary business responsibility is to Increase Visibility & Credibility AND Get Clients, you want to spend a minimum of 50% of your “working” hours on Marketing & Visibility activities.

What are marketing and visibility activities?

Consistently sending out an ezine

Hosting free teleseminars/webcasts

Participating in telesummits

Being a guest on others’ teleseminars

Speaking at events

Website “free taste” or giveaway

Sponsorships – getting and giving

Posting and sharing videos

Consistently participating in social media

Consistently “contacting” your readers so you remain top of mind

Article marketing

Consistently posting to your blog

In person networking

Online forums

Attending events

Picking up the phone and calling

Press releases

Guest blogging on others’ sites

Posting and sharing audio newsletters

Hosting/Being a guest on radio shows

Sending snail mail gifts, cards, lumpy mail

And SO much more…

Now, before you go deep into “Too Much To Do” overwhelm, let me stop you and say, you don’t need to do all of the above. In fact, you shouldn’t even try to do them all.

Pick no more than 3 things which resonate with youAND your ideal clients and do them CONSISTENTLY. Once you have those nailed down, add something else.

It’s about consistently layering things on. It is not about burying yourself in overwhelm trying to be all things to everyone in the visibility world. Remember…

Ordinary Things, Done Consistently, Create Extraordinary and Consistent Results

Best Home Base Business Ideas


An information site business is one where you create a website based around content. You select a theme for your site, and then build several pages focusing on different keywords. Keywords will assist in generating free traffic to your site when a search is performed in the search engines. You can then make money through contextual advertisements by having Google AdSense attached to your site. Google AdSense provides you with revenue share when someone clicks on any of the advertisements displayed on your site.


Another of the best home base business ideas to pursue is the sale of information products. You will sell products such as audio files and eBooks that visitors can download from your site, giving them immediate access to the products that they buy. You will need to generate content for the site similar to how you would with an information site in order to generate traffic. You can also buy traffic through one of the many pay per click services from a search engine.


An affiliate sells products or services on behalf of other people for profit. Several of the major corporations and online retailers have affiliate programs, making it possible to sell their products through those who operate internet home based businesses. There are a range of different products available through affiliate sales such as makeup, vitamins, furnishings, sporting goods and fixtures. Entertainment products such as music, books, and movies are also sold via affiliate programs. Housing, boats and automobiles can also be sold. You are paid a commission as either a flat rate or a percentage of the sale. Your commission will increase at the same rate of your sales.

There are also a number of different services available for affiliate sales including domain names, web hosting, computer related services, web design, and web layouts. You can also sell consulting, financial services and marketing through affiliate programs.

Those who operate an internet home based business providing affiliate sales are either paid through check, direct deposit, or an online payment service such as PayPal.


Another one of the best home based business ideas that you could get involved in is online network marketing. This type of business is very common and also very lucrative if you are able to get enough people on board. You can build a large team of entrepreneurs to work with if you effectively promote your network marketing business. The content displayed on your site should be attractive, and entice others to join.


If you are good with words, you can become a freelance writer. There are millions of websites worldwide, and each one of them needs content; webmasters will hire writers to provide the content for their sites. You can start this business without any investment, you simply have to sign up with some of the many freelance sites and start bidding for writing jobs. Once you have built a good reputation and you have several regular clients you can start to employ other freelance writers to work for you.