Business Growth

Business Growth is critical in today’s economy. It is important that you grow your business through customer acquisition strategies. Of course, as we all know, it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain a current customer. Therefore, customer retention strategies are important as well, which we will touch on […]

The A B C of Home Business Ideas

Most people look to the career or profession they have been trained in for  home   business   ideas , and there are certainly many professions that can be successfully transformed into  home  based  businesses . However, some people looking to work at home want a complete change from their previous career. It may be that you had a […]

8 Steps to Grow Your Small Business

Here’s the reality. As a small business you know you are limited terms in terms of resources; undisciplined pursuit of growth will squander your time and money with little to show for your efforts. Don’t go there. Here is my 8-step BE DIFFERENT process to grow your business… 1. Set the context for growth by […]

Home Business Ideas

Would you like to add an educational achievement to your resume for a future promotion – or for a new job? Would you like to start your own  home   business ? Since so many employers are not outsourcing different jobs to freelancers, this is becoming a rapidly growing field. It is possible to make as much […]

9 Ways to Increase Cashflow for Small Business Growth

Cashflow Idea No. 1. Use ‘cashflow’ sales checklists. For sales people, get them to ask every single customer to make another ‘add-on’ purchase with the one they’ve already made. A great way to do this is to have a shopping ‘checklist’ of what the customer could buy. Cashflow Idea No. 2. Use ‘cashflow’ payment checklists. […]